About Cognosco

"We are recognised as an innovative leader of the veterinary industry. Our commitment to research and development in the dairy industry ensures we have up-to-date, local and relevant information to share with our farmers."

Who Are We?

  • Cognosco undertakes studies commonly focusing on the key dairy diseases of mastitis and infertility. This work is funded by dairy industry bodies, government and animal health companies.

  • The Cognosco research team is made up of a combination of research veterinarians, with relevant PhD’s, laboratory and field technicians and a number of seasonal part time technician assistants.

Key advantages of using Cognosco

  • Cognosco is in a unique position of being able to undertake large scale field observational and clinical studies to a high (GCP) standard. The group’s extensive experience in working with veterinarians and herdowners allows Cognosco to perform clinically relevant and scientifi cally robust studies. Additionally Cognosco has a team that can communicate effectively it’s study results and messages to veterinarians,herdowners and study sponsors.