The vet club was established in 1923 for farmers; by farmers. While much has changed over the years our philosophy has remained the same - to provide excellent service to our members through integrity, enthusiasm, commitment and innovation.

We are a club which means in commercial terms we are service driven not profit driven. Our Directors are elected farmers, who are committed to serving and representing your interests in your local farming community.

Five reasons why you should become a member of Anexa FVC:

1. We offer a huge range of services.

Employing a number of Dairy Vets, Mixed Practice Vets as well as dedicated Companion Animal Vets Anexa FVC is able to offer a broad range of services to our clients. In addition utilising resources such as Large Animal Technicians and Herd Consultancy veterinarians, members will benefit from having a veterinary service tailored to their needs. We also draw on the expertise of
InCalf Consultants
Certified Body Condition Score Assessors
Fonterra Accredited Mastitis Advisors
Healthy Hoof Consultant
Intelact Consultants
Cognosco, Animal Health and Production Research

2. You get a reliable service from your local experienced Vets.

As well as your lead vet, we have enough vets to ensure we can get on your farm when you need us, in case of emergency.

3. You can trust the products we use.

We have a strong focus on evidence based medicine, so you can be sure products purchased from Anexa FVC are the best option available.

4. You’ll learn heaps from us and we’ll keep you informed.

We offer members a wide range of educational and social events during the season, giving you the opportunity to learn about specific topics and new skills. We also focus on training your farm staff in a very practical manner.

5. Cognosco, Animal Health and Production Research.

Our commitment to research and development in the dairy industry ensures we have up-to-date, local and relevant information to share with our farmers.

Application for Membership:
To be eligible for membership you must be a farmer of livestock from which you derive income. Members agree to pay the subscriptions and fees ($5.80 p.a.) that are fixed in accordance with the Rules of the Incorporated Society. Members receive a range of benefits including discounts and free services.
To find out more fill in the form below or give us a call 0800 284 3838, we’re keen to talk.

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