Cognosco - Animal Health & Production Research

"Cognosco is a contract research group, based in the heart of the New Zealand dairy industry. The group was formed by Dr Scott McDougall in 1997, to provide a research team that could undertake observational studies and clinical trials in ruminant production systems. Cognosco is division of Anexa FVC."

Scott McDougall recently provided technical training for around 400 veterinarians and farmers at 3 regional meetings in China

Cognosco is in a unique position of being able to undertake large scale field observational and clinical studies to a high (GCP) standard. The group’s extensive experience in working with veterinarians and herdowners allows Cognosco to perform clinically relevant and scientifically robust studies. Additionally Cognosco has a team that can effectively communicate study results and messages to veterinarians, herdowners and study sponsors.

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