Customised solutions for your research requirements.


Key Services

  • Cognosco undertakes research studies from initial concept phase, through protocol development, obtaining Animal Ethics approval, implementation, analyses and reporting. Access to a large number of Waikato dairy herdowners and cows allows completion of large scale observational studies and clinical trials for a range of disease conditions. Extension of results via written material, conferences and roadshows is commonly undertaken. Extensive experience of interacting with herdowners, veterinarians and scientists results in effective communication of study results.


Key Advantages

  • Cognosco is in a unique position of being able to undertake large scale field observational and clinical studies to a high (GCP) standard. The group’s extensive experience in working with veterinarians and herdowners allows Cognosco to perform clinically relevant and scientifically robust studies. Additionally Cognosco has a team that can communicate effectively its study results and messages to veterinarians, herdowners and study sponsors.



  • Cognosco provides research services to industry, government and animal health companies. Cognosco also acts as a contract research organisation (CRO), but also actively seeks to develop ‘industry good’ research projects with government and industry research partners, and collaborates with other organisations on projects.


Investing In The Future

  • Cognosco continues to invest in continuing professional education and in conference attendance to ensure that both technical skills and knowledge are up to date. Significant development of databases has been undertaken by the dedicated IT group within Anexa Animal Health or by external contractors to handle large of amounts of data often generated in Cognosco’s research projects. Systems have been developed, for instance, to bar code all samples so that sample tracking and reporting are optimised.

  • An in-house laboratory was established in 2000. The current focus is on microbiology, with PCR facilities alongside conventional phenotypic tests, zone diffusion and broth microdilution antimicrobial sensitivity testing. Relationships have been formed with other laboratories (both commercial and research) which allow a large range of samples types and tests to be undertaken as required.