Your dog is part of your family, and deserves the very best treatment. Whether it’s surgery for a beloved companion or a simple checkup, at Anexa FVC we take care of all your pet's health needs.


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  • Vaccinations,
    are an important part of pet ownership. Puppies require a series of vaccinations from 8 weeks old to ensure they are protected. Vaccinations should be administered yearly for dogs. Vaccinating your pet is vital to keep disease prevalence in prone areas at bay.
    At your pets vaccination appointment a thorough health check will be carried out prior to vaccine being given. You will be provided with information following your pets vaccination to take home.
    Although somewhat routine, vaccination is considered on an individual basis. To get advice on your pets vaccine requirements contact us.
  • Flea and Worm Treatment.
    Your dog should be treated for fleas each month. Most veterinary approved products are monthly treatments and can be administered topically or orally.
    If not treated for fleas, you dog is at risk of developing:
    • Skin irritation from bites
    • Flea allergy dermatitis
    • Secondary infection from self trauma after itching
    • There are benefits for you too:
      • No flea bites at home
      • The decrease of the flea population
      • You can be assured your children are not at risk of bites
      • We recommended treating your cat for worms 3 monthly. Dogs will pick up worms from the environment, from fleas and from other animals. Application is a single tablet. Worms can cause gastrointestinal upset and they can be contracted by humans.
        Flea and worm treatment can be combined in one easy topical application too! Ask your local clinic about the best option for flea and worm treatment for your dog.
  • Microchipping,
    is the only method to permanently identify your pet. The grain of rice sized chip is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades and contains a serial number. For the microchip to be effective ensure that your pet’s microchip number is registered on the National Companion Animal Register and with your local council.
    Microchipping gives you reassurance that if your pet is lost and has no means of external identification then the microchip will get your pet home.
  • Nutritional and Weight Management Advice.
    Nutrition is a vital part of your pets’ wellbeing. More and more animals are presenting in New Zealand as overweight.
    Our clinics stock a range of premium diets and our experienced staff can offer you the best nutritional advice for your pet.
    Our qualified veterinary nurses run a free weight loss clinic and are there for you for the journey to offer support and advice.

Dogs are loyal, loving pets. There are approximately 140,000 dogs owned by New Zealanders and this statistic is constantly growing. Dogs make wonderful family pets who are always there to greet you with a wag and a woof.
We understand the important role your canine plays in your family.

You can trust us to offer to most up to date and relevant advice for you and your dog.