Farm Staff Training Workshop - NOW ON FARM

Date: Monday, 8th June to Friday, 31st July 2020
Time: 40 minutes per module. Flexible time and date from 8th June (please select preferred date & time below)
Location: Your farm
Cost: $150 per module, per group – min 3 modules (members only: book 5 modules and get the 6th free)

You asked, we listened.

This year we are offering our farm staff training workshop on your farm, with smaller group sizes allowing for more interactive and practical learning.
  • Your choice of day
  • Your choice of venue
  • Your choice of modules.
The practical on-farm workshops will be run by Anexa Vets, Emma Franklin and Hanneke Officer,

Modules include:

  • Introduction to farming and basic animal health: how to recognise sick animal, injection sites, withhold periods, animal restraint options
  • Metabolics and down cows: three most common metabolic diseases, how to recognise them and which treatment options are available for each including care of down cows
  • Calving: stages of calving, when to intervene (what’s normal), different presentations, after care options, prolapse uterus and retained membranes
  • Calf rearing and scours: care for newborns, colostrum management, rumen development, shed set up and hygiene, recognising ill calves including most common problems and their treatment and calf
  • Mastitis: what it is, what causes it, how to recognise it, treatment options and prevention methods. How to RMT (rapid mastitis test) and take a sterile milk sample.
  • Lameness: what is lameness, how to recognise it, treatment options including restraint and prevention including cow flow and cow behaviour

Number of modulesTimeWorkshop Price (+GST)
140 mins$450
280 mins$450
3120 mins$450
4160 mins$600
5200 mins$750
6240 mins
$900 (Non-members only) (6th Module Free for members)

Chose a minimum of 3 modules depending which modules are most relevant to your farm and team, you can mix and match to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge needed.

Number of participants: maximum 6 (there is also the option to join with your neighbouring farm)

Includes an information booklet for each participant.

If you are interested in more advanced modules, please let us know and this can be arranged at a later date.

Workshops will be available to start from the 8th June.

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