GoodYarn Workshop

GoodYarn Workshop
Date: Thursday, 22nd November 2018
Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm, with a break for lunch
Location: Anexa FVC Morrinsville (Boardroom), 25 Moorhouse Street, Morrinsville
Cost: Free!


If one of your mates is off form or just not quite themselves, how do you know if they’re having a bad day or whether something more might be going on? Do you know how to talk to them about it or where to find some support? Keep reading and hopefully those questions will become easier to answer.

We want to invite you to our first farmer GoodYarn workshop. Or if you think there is someone else from your family or farm that might be interested, then please let them know that can come along too. We want everyone to be able to access this great workshop and get more comfortable recognising and talking about mental wellbeing.

The workshop is:

  • FREE!
  • Short and practical
  • Specifically designed to enable farming communities to:
    • talk more comfortably about mental health issues that can affect any of us
    • have a better awareness of wellbeing in ourselves & those around us
    • have the tools to help you approach others you may be concerned about
  • Spaces are limited, but we expect to hold more workshops in the future in different areas.

    How & Why is Anexa FVC Vet Services Involved?

    Anexa FVC is proud to be the first veterinary practice in New Zealand to roll out the GoodYarn Programme to all our staff. This programme is raising the capability and awareness of all Anexa FVC employees around mental health and wellbeing in our clients, colleagues, friends and families.

    As a Vet Club, we are always trying to do the best for our members, both on and off farm. We are delighted to be linking with Rural Support Trust to offer GoodYarn Workshops to our farming clients as we see this as a really valuable way that we can give something back to you, our farmers and their families.

    Haven't heard about GoodYarn, want to know more? Click the link below

    This workshop is now full, but please email with your name, phone and address and we will contact you when we hold the next workshop.