Are you ready for your herd to be scanned?

Are you ready for your herd to be scanned?
Hopefully you’re all organised and have your herd scanning booked with Anexa. If you haven’t then make sure you phone us to book it in, (before you finish this article!) as almost every farmer reading this wants their scanning done in the same week. Visit or phone 0800 284 3838.

We are keen to record cowside into the MindaApp, if you are this season. This can occur via your phone, or if we have 3rd party access to your herd we can record using our login, on our device. We still need to have some way of recording any little oddities and notes about cows (missing ear tags or abortions/slips etc)- so we recommend having a clipboard and paper or a notes App on your phone. Don’t worry we’ll check that you are comfortable with this method before we start the job!

Once we have scanned the herd with the data in Minda, the time to really make most use of the scanning results is when they are fresh in our mind and we can really understand what’s gone well (or otherwise!).

As part of our Anexa’s scanning service to our clients, we can sit down and review your pregnancy test report with you. This way, we can identify what worked and what didn’t. We try to be organised and contact you for this catch up, but if you haven’t heard from us shortly after we scan your herd then feel free to give us a nudge to book in your free
post-scanning review.

Date Added: Tuesday, 1st December 2020