Benefits of Early Pregnancy Testing

Benefits of Early Pregnancy Testing
Early pregnancy testing involves scanning your herd approximately 12 - 14 weeks after the planned start of mating (PSM).
This provides critical information which can assist your decision making and improve profitability on your farm.

The benefits of early pregnancy testing include:
• more accurate calving dates and prediction of your calving pattern
• ability to split the herd depending on calving date (springer mob formation, off-farm grazing for late calving cows)
• assessing the effectiveness of your noncycler treatment programme
• accurate estimation of conception rates and assessing AB performance
• determining appropriate bull out date (depending on number of cows pregnant to AB)
• cows that are ‘not detectably pregnant’ or late calving may be identified promptly and culled or sold, this is especially important in drought years where feed may be in short supply
• Better feed budgeting and nutrition planning, based on predicted calving dates
Our pregnancy testing service includes:
• Ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy
• Predicted calving dates given for cows pregnancy tested 12 - 14 weeks after PSM
• Manual confirmation of non-pregnant cows
• Printed report of results, including calving dates and recheck list
Additional services available on request:
• Technicians available to record results
• Entry of results into Minda
• Herd Body Condition Score assessment
• Review of Fertility Focus Report
Every season more and more of our clients take advantage of early pregnancy testing and benefit from the extra information that this service provides. Make sure you call your local Anexa FVC clinic soon to book your scanning.
This will give us the best chance of meeting your preferred date and time.

Date Added: Monday, 14th September 2015