How can RMT testing help you?

How can RMT testing help you?
The Rapid Mastitis Test (RMT) paddle is the simplest and easiest way to screen cows leaving the colostrum or mastitis mob before they enter the main milking herd.

Using the RMT paddle to screen cows at the end of their colostrum period, gives you confidence that those cows don’t have an active mastitis infection when they enter the milking herd. It is also a good screening tool for cows leaving the mastitis mob. It can help you be confident those cows are well on the way to recovering from their infection (less likely to relapse and also less likely to infect other cows).

The RMT is carried out by combining milk with a detergent that reacts/clumps with the cells in the milk. The person doing the using the RMT needs to be trained in their job and should be taking a standardised approach to the task – the test is only as good as the operator!

If you find cows that are reacting/clumping there are different options depending on your farm’s milk quality situation:
  • Mark them and leave them in the colostrum mob/mastitis mob one more day and re-RMT them tomorrow
  • Treat them (or continue treatment)
  • Collect a sterile milk sample and get it tested to see if there is a bug still there (remember a sterile milk sample needs to be collected before antibiotic treatment has been given).
If you don’t have a consistent approach on your farm regarding use of the RMT paddle as a screening tool please have a chat to your vet.

Date Added: Wednesday, 5th August 2020