Lameness Prevention & Care

Lame Cow Management
• Avoid long distance walking e.g. keep animals close to the shed
• Milk only once a day
• Trim feet and treat problem as soon as lameness appears
• Record cow number, which foot is lame and the type of problem
• Find areas causing problems on the farm and improve these

Hoof Trimming Basics
1. Trim toe to a length of 7.5cm
2. Make tip of toe 0.5cm thickness, keep sole surface flat
3. Make toe thickness of both toes even to make sure each toe supports same amount of weight
4. Shape inside of toes so they don’t rub
5. Treat cause of lameness: P.T.O.
6. Use a cowslip on the sound toe if you have removed quarter or more of the sole of the affected toe

Date Added: Tuesday, 30th June 2015