Leptospirosis, Autumn AND Spring herds - Calf vaccinations are due

Yes, it is calf vaccination season. To be effective, leptospirosis vaccinations need to happen before calves are exposed to the disease. The best timing to start vaccinating is when your youngest replacement animal is four weeks of age.

Autumn and split calving herds
If this has not happened already, make sure your autumn born calves get their two vaccinations, four weeks apart (priming dose and booster dose).

Spring calving herds
For most of you, the first vaccination will be due next month, once your youngest replacement is four weeks of age. Again, this should be followed with a booster for weeks later.

Calves should also be vaccinated against blackleg from 1 month of age (5 in 1 or 6 in 1 vaccine). They will need two injections four weeks apart. Talk to your Vet about other vaccinations to use on your farm (for example BVD and Salmonella). We will help you draw up the best vaccination protocol tailored to your farm.

Date Added: Saturday, 5th August 2017