Phew scanning is over, but my results are not what I expected!

Phew scanning is over, but my results are not what I expected!
By David Dymock, Veterinarian, Anexa Rototuna

Hopefully by now your herd scanning has been completed, results are in and you are either happy and now planning your dry off or perhaps you are disappointed and frustrated with a high empty rate or low 6-week in calf rate? Reproductive performance is one of the most important drivers of efficiency, profitability and easy management of your farming business.

As with most years, we are seeing a wide range in results with farmers. Some have achieved high 6-week in calf rates but subsequently high empty rates and others who’s 6-week in calf rate has dropped significantly but empty rate is acceptable. Every farm has had its challenges this past year and you may want to right off this year’s poor scanning results as attributed to the less than cooperative weather and its associated challenges. However, there are often multiple factors that can contribute to a poor result. Sitting down with your Vet can help highlight areas of concern and we can help formulate a plan for next season.

So, if your empty rate has left you short on culling options, or your 6-week InCalf rate is down, now is the time to look at what changes you need to make for a better result in 2018. Anexa has many InCalf-trained reproduction consultants who can pick through this year’s results and work out where to focus your time, effort and investment to get a better return next year.

Talk to your Vet or call your local clinic to arrange an introductory meeting. Next season’s reproductive management starts now!

Date Added: Wednesday, 7th March 2018