Repro Results 2020/2021

Repro Results 2020/2021
Katrina Roberts, Herd Health Veterinarian, Anexa Vets

We have now completed our analysis of the reproductive performance of herds that were pregnancy tested by Anexa veterinarians in 2020/2021
So how did these herds perform and where does your herd fit in?

Seasonal Spring Calving Herds

The average 6-week in-calf rate was 72% which is a 1% decrease on the 2019 mating period results. Mating length duration remained relatively static at 77 days but the average empty rate increased by 1% (in line with the 6-week in-calf rate change) up to 12.5% after this duration of mating. 58 of our Anexa herds achieved national target 6-week in-calf rate or above, which is an exceptional effort.

Heifer Results

Of the herds that did conduct heifer pregnancy scanning with Anexa the average mating period length was 72 days. This is longer than the 63-70 day maximum period that is recommended for heifer mating periods, but a reduction of 2 days on last year’s mating in the yearlings. The average empty rate for the heifers was 7.4%.

Split calving herds

For those of you heading into autumn mating, the key take-home is that in split-calving herds sometimes the focus isn’t repro, because cows have a ‘second chance’ it is easy to take your eye off the ball and convince yourself that your below target repro result is justified in some way. Unfortunately, this leads to a poorer result, and the average 6-week in-calf rate of the Anexa herds (for the spring mating component of their herd) was only 60%. Having 40% of the herd available to be ‘milked through’ to have another chance is not good economics, even in a split-calving system. My farmers tell me that to achieve good reproductive performance, repro must always be the start and end goal.

Improving herd reproductive performance remains challenging for producers and advisors alike. However, the results presented in this article prove that meeting national benchmarks is possible. Make contact with your Anexa veterinarian today to start making some progress with your herd in 2021.

Date Added: Thursday, 29th April 2021