Should I test my calves for BVD?

Should I test my calves for BVD?

I’ve decided I need to test my calves for BVD... what do I do next?

It is a great idea to test calves for BVD so that any PI (persistently infected) animals can be identified and removed as soon as possible. We want to make sure that all PI animals are off farm well before the start of mating, so we are not risking infecting next year’s crop of calves too.

When can I test my calves?

  • Calves can be tested any time from birth. New research carried out on Anexa farms last season has reinforced this timing.

How do I test them?

  • The easiest way to test young animals is to take an ear notch (tissue sample). We can do this at any age and is really simple to do while calves are sedated for disbudding.

What will it cost?

  • We have a really cost effective testing package exclusively for Anexa clients, including sampling and lab fees. There are a few different options available (additional testing for example), so give us a call for further details.

How do I book?

  • Simply tick the box when you book your disbudding on our website ( or call your local clinic if you want it done as a separate job.

Date Added: Wednesday, 5th August 2020