Tail Care – Every Tail has a Tale to Tell!

Tail Care – Every Tail has a Tale to Tell!
DairyNZ have launched a new resource on Tail Care which can be found at https://www.dairynz.co.nz/milking/dairy-stockmanship/tail-management/ There is a great poster which can be printed off and put on the wall of the dairy office: https://www.dairynz.co.nz/media/5793348/caring-for-damaged-tails-poster-dairynz.pdf

Dairy cattle tails contain vertebrae, tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Imagine having your spine (vertebrae) bent and twisted by brute force – it would hurt! Anyone who has landed hard on their bottom and damaged their coccyx (our equivalent of a tail) knows just how much tail damage hurts.

As part of our improvement of dairy cattle welfare in New Zealand, and continuing on from the amendments to the Animal Welfare code in 2018 making it illegal for farmers and staff to shorten or remove cattle tails, the dairy industry is trying to increase awareness about tail handling and management.

Ask your veterinarian to help you. Tools to support your herd tail care are the education of staff, looking at areas where tail damage might occur, carrying out a tail audit on your herd.

Date Added: Saturday, 3rd October 2020