Why should I drench my young stock?

The current warm and wet weather is likely to lead to an increase in the level of worms on pasture. Spring born calves are probably around seven months old now, and are still quite susceptible to intestinal parasites. It is important to maintain a good drenching program, especially during wet summer periods. Calves are now large enough that most people don’t want to oral drench, so if you are using a pour-on you need to make sure that it’s a dual action product.

5 reasons to drench your young stock

1. Young animals are more susceptible to the effects of internal parasites (worms) as they have limited natural immunity.

2. You want your calves to grow, and worms depress growth rates, so calves will take longer to reach live-weight targets if they have worm burdens.

3. Calves with worms can scour and be ill-thrifty, they can cough and in extreme cases they can die.

4. Worm burdens are difficult to measure and can be an invisible thief of productivity.

5. Failing to worm your calves is particularly problematic when the same paddocks are used every year because worm eggs build up on the pasture - this means that calves will be challenged with high worm burdens year after year.

Date Added: Wednesday, 1st March 2017