Annual General Meeting Summary

Annual General Meeting Summary
The AGM of Anexa Veterinary Services was held on 25th September 2019. Two Directors, Alister Smith and Peter Le Heron retired by rotation. Alister Smith after 20 years of loyal service to the Board did not seek re-election. Peter Le Heron put his name forward for re-election for one of the two available positions as did other members Gaynor Tierney, Brendan O’Leary and Sam Owen. The two successful candidates in the election process were Peter Le Heron and Gaynor Tierney, congratulations. Bruce Thomas, Chairperson thanked the two unsuccessful candidates for participating in the election process and welcomed Gaynor Tierney to the Board.

The Chairperson acknowledged that it had been a better year financially for the Vet Club on the back of a steady dairy market and a strong sheep and beef prices and a reasonable growing season feed wise. We thank members for their continued support of the Vet Club over the past year.

Over the coming year the Board intends to undertake more work in the governance succession planning. As diversity across all levels of the business including governance is important in terms of ensuring the business remained relevant to the ever changing make up and needs of our members.

In the 2019-20 season our focus remains on delivering quality services and great value to our members. A sound depth of knowledge and skills within the business, and high quality Anexa veterinarians puts us in a fortunate position.
Management will remain focused on developing our long-term strategy of retaining skilled staff, and developing and building competencies in our internal lab and companion animal divisions. We will also prioritise helping our Dairy, and Sheep and Beef members manage on-farm compliance.

Cognosco, the Vet Club’s research division has had another strong year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank members for their ongoing support and participation in research projects.

The Board, the Leadership Team and the wider business are all working hard to ensure we are keeping in touch with the changing needs of our members in the animal health space.

Date Added: Wednesday, 6th November 2019