Be Gone Plastic Bags!

Be Gone Plastic Bags!
Here at Anexa FVC, we have made an easy decision to join the “ban the plastic bag revolution”, and replace our standard plastic bags with paper and compostable bags, and recycled boxes. Why? It’s simple, it’s the right thing to do!
Even when disposed of properly, plastic bags take many years to decompose and break down, generating large amounts of rubbish over long periods of time, clogging landfills, waterways and sewers. And, if not disposed of properly, plastic bags can pollute waterways and oceans affecting the habitat of animals and marine creatures.
So, when you next pop into your local Anexa FVC Vet Clinic, we ask that you too embrace the revolution and our new environmentally friendly packaging options; better still, bring in your own bag. Why? Because it is the right thing to do!

Date Added: Wednesday, 8th November 2017