COVID-19 Level 2 Update

COVID-19 Level 2 Update
On Thursday 14th May, we will wake up and be at COVID-19 Alert Level 2 – one step closer to ‘business as usual’, and as per the government’s request Anexa Vets will be ‘playing it safe’. All our services will be up and running again, including:
  • A full range of pet health services including vaccinations, skin checks and animal health checks for those pets on long term medication.

  • Saturday morning clinics (9am-12pm) in Raglan, Morrinsville, and Thames will resume on the 23rd May.

  • Pet grooming services will be available, please contact your local clinic to book.

  • A full range of farm services.

  • Stuart from Hoof It will be available for preventative hoof trimming.

Our plan to keep you and Anexa staff safe:

  • Hand sanitiser will be available in clinic and we are cleaning surfaces regularly. We will also ask you to sign our visitor register for contact tracing purposes as per the government’s guidelines.

  • We will only to be able to have a limited number of people in a clinic at one time. This will be dependent on the size of the clinic and how many people we can safely fit while maintaining everyone’s physical distance.

  • Our clinics will be zoned. There will be waiting areas and staff only areas – we appreciate your patience as we get used to our new protocols. For now, you won’t be able to accompany your pet during their appointment as we are unable to comply with distancing rules.

  • If you need to, you can pop into the clinic and pick up product. Although, to shorten waiting times, we would prefer it if you continue to phone ahead with your product orders and appointment requests.

  • To help limit the number of people in our clinics we are working to a 1 healthy client to 1 pet ratio.
Please do not visit our clinic if you are feeling unwell, have a runny nose or cough. Instead, ask another adult to pick up your product or bring your pet. Our vets can give you a call and answer any questions you may have. If you have a farm call booked, just let us know and we can organise a contactless visit.

We have appreciated your support and kindness as we have worked our way through Level 4 and 3, and appreciate your continued patience as we work through Level 2. We look forward to catching up soon.

The Anexa Vets Team.

Contactless payment options below

Our existing farming clients will be able to continue to put purchases on their accounts. For clients without an account, contactless payment is preferred, please see options below.
❌ Cash - we discourage cash as it puts you and our staff in a vulnerable position due to community spread (we can’t track its travel).
✅ EFTPOS - Is available, including paywave (limit $200).
✅ CREDIT CARD please provide your credit card details over the phone. This will minimise exposure, we will process the transaction and give you a call when your product is ready to collect.
✅ ACCOUNT - if you hold an account at Anexa, we can continue to put purchases on your account.
✅ Internet banking - Our account details are: BNZ Morrinsville, Bank Acct No. 02 0368 0024553
Proof of payment is required before we can process your request, as you can imagine - that's a lot of transactions to match! It would really help us out if you label your transaction the following way:
Particulars: Clinic product is purchased from eg. Huntly
Code: Client number (this will be given to you by the Anexa staff member)
Then, so we can match up all these purchases, email your banking screenshot to - we would really appreciate it if you could include the following info in your email.

"PAYMENT" in the subject line and in the body of the email please include
- Your preferred clinic
- Your client number (this will be given to you by the Anexa staff member)
- Your name and phone number
- product purchased

Date Added: Wednesday, 13th May 2020