COVID-19 Level 4 – Changes to Anexa Vet services

COVID-19 Level 4 – Changes to Anexa Vet services
New Zealand currently sits at Level 4 of the COVID-19 four-level alert system. We are an essential service and will remain open to provide veterinary services and animal health care products.

However, we will be making some changes to how we deliver our services, to ensure that our clients and our staff are exposed to the lowest level of risk possible. We thank you for your patience as we all find our way with our new systems.

Immediate changes to our services are as follows:

At our Clinics

Current appointments – we’ll call you

If you have an existing appointment booked, our staff will contact you in the next few days.

Please call ahead

To maintain physical distancing and maximise everyone’s safety we ask that you call ahead to notify us of the products and services you require. On arrival at our clinic, we ask that you phone us to say you have arrived, and staff will advise you of the next steps. For those bringing in pets for services, we will take your pet into our clinics while you wait in your vehicle. Your veterinarian will speak with you over the phone to get important history and discuss treatment plans, then return your pet to you once finished.

Wait outside the clinic

We ask that you wait outside the clinic or in your cars and call the clinic to let us know you are here. Staff will then advise you of the next steps. Please ensure that all dogs are on leads and cats or other pets are in appropriate cages.

Payment options

Our existing farming clients will be able to continue to put purchases on their accounts. For clients without an account, contactless payment is preferred, please see options below.
❌ Cash - we discourage cash as it puts you and our staff in a vulnerable position due to community spread (we can’t track its travel).
✅ ACCOUNT - if you hold an account at Anexa, we can continue to put purchases on your account.
✅ CREDIT CARD please provide your credit card details over the phone. This will minimise exposure, we will process the transaction and give you a call when your product is ready to collect.
✅ Internet banking - Our account details are: BNZ Morrinsville, Bank Acct No. 02 0368 0024553
Proof of payment is required before we can process your request, as you can imagine - that's a lot of transactions to match! It would really help us out if you label your transaction the following way:
Particulars: Clinic product is purchased from eg. Huntly
Code: Client number (this will be given to you by the Anexa staff member)
Then, so we can match up all these purchases, email your banking screenshot to - we would really appreciate it if you could include the following info in your email.

"PAYMENT" in the subject line and in the body of the email please include
- Your preferred clinic
- Your client number (this will be given to you by the Anexa staff member)
- Your name and phone number
- product purchased

4. Our staff will phone you to let you know when your purchase is ready for collection and arrange pick up.

Proof of payment must be established before pick up or delivery, so please allow extra time for this process, our staff will contact you when your order is ready.

We will be collecting your contact details

Our staff will keep a register of all clients that visit the clinic so if required, we have details available.

Pet health Services

If you have an appointment booked, we will be in touch. It is likely your appointment will be rescheduled but as you can imagine every case has its own set of circumstances and we will work through these with you. Our key concerns are keeping your pet happy and healthy while following the governments' advice regarding COVID-19.

If you require treatment for your pets during the lockdown, phone your local Anexa Vet Clinic like you normally would. All clinics are open if you require any animal health care products with staff available to answer questions, we're here to help.

However, during level 4 lockdown our companion animal veterinary services will be operating from four main hub clinics. These hubs will be Morrinsville, Thames, Raglan and Huntly. Clinics will be prioritising care, focused on sick animals and emergencies. Any vet services provided to pets, will be done out of these four hubs.

Grooming services are unavailable at this time.

Morrinsville, Raglan, and Thames clinics will not be offering a Saturday morning clinic. During lockdown ALL Anexa Clinics will be closed on Saturdays.

If your pet requires urgent emergency treatment please phone ahead as we are unable to accept walk-ins.

Farm services

  • We're here to help, on-farm vet services continue
  • Call if you need product - delivery and pick up available
  • Technician dry cow and teat sealant services available
  • Anexa's facial eczema and our spore count monitoring service will continue
Continuing to provide our production animal services is important for the ongoing health and welfare of your herd.

As an essential service we will continue to visit farms. If you or a family member is unwell, please let us know when you book the call – it is essential we minimise the risk to yourselves and Anexa staff. Our vets can meet healthy clients on-farm but will maintain a safe distance of at least 2m apart as per government guidelines. Alternatively, let us know where the animal is so the vet can examine the animal, and then the vet can discuss the case over the phone. Our staff will continue to follow high biosecurity standards. We have put physical distancing protocols in place for our technicians to ensure we can keep our dry cow and teat sealant service working.

It is important to continue preventative measures against disease on your farm. For example, not undertaking an appropriate dry off procedure (e.g. antibiotic DCT and/or teat sealant use) may lead to increased risk of clinical mastitis over the dry period and into subsequent lactation with significant impacts on animal health and welfare and milk quality. Similarly delaying dry off too late may result in loss of too much body condition score, poorer health and reproductive outcomes next lactation with long-term consequences for the herd.

We appreciate during the lockdown you may choose to remain on-farm. Our team are available to deliver product to your farm or a collection point of your choice.

If you have not completed your Milk Quality Consult (MQC) yet please contact us to book it now. Where possible, we will conduct MQCs by phone or video as an alternative to face-to-face meeting.

We also strongly recommend that you continue treating animals with zinc to protect against facial eczema. If you are unsure about the spore count situation, please contact your vet regarding spore count sampling specific to your farm.

At home

Maintain good personal hygiene, particularly when handling your pets. There is still no real evidence that companion animals are affected by COVID-19, and no evidence that they can transmit the infection to other humans or animals, but a cautious approach is still recommended. Remember as always, when you are handling your pet it is important that you observe good hygiene practices. This includes hand washing (20 seconds with soap and warm water) after contact and avoiding face to face contact to reduce the risk of inhaling droplets due to sneezing and coughing.

Self-isolating includes your pet

Don’t remove pets from your property (e.g. send to family/friends/boarding facilities) if they have interacted with you since you started self-isolation.

Check your pet supplies

Please make sure you have adequate supplies of food and medications for your animals. If you do require medications, pet food or flea treatment please phone ahead. Due to high customer demand at the moment, we may need to order your product in for you, so please ensure that you give us a call before you run out completely.


We will keep you up-to-date regarding any changes as they arise. Updates will also be posted on our website in the news section and facebook pages.


If you currently have your account posted to you and would now like to receive it via email, please send your request to

Newsletters and updates

We also encourage all clients to visit and sign up to the appropriate emailing list, this may mean you need to enter your details twice. For example, if you are a dairy farmer and own pets, we recommend you join two emailing lists. To do this you would visit select ‘dairy’ from the drop-down menu enter your details and submit. Then repeat the process choosing 'pet health' from the drop-down list. This will ensure you receive both dairy and pet updates.

Questions, queries, concerns?

Please phone your local clinic, fill out the contact form, or email us at

Thank you for your patience as we all find our way with our new systems.

Date Added: Wednesday, 25th March 2020