From the Board 2018

The AGM of Anexa FVC was held on the 31st October this year. The three standing Directors that retired by rotation put their names forward for re-election and all were successful in securing a further 3-year term, congratulations to David Firth, Neil McLean and Wayne Berry.
Bruce Thomas, Chairperson acknowledged that it had been a better year financially for the members and the business as dairy prices recovered and sheep and beef prices had remained buoyant. He thanked members for their support of the business over the past year. Your Board continues to focus on delivering quality services and good value to members. One area the Board has focused strongly on over the past year was developing the longer-term strategy for the business. As more and more industry-based compliance comes to bear on our members we need to ensure that the business is keeping in touch with the changing needs of our members in the animal health space. Bruce also thanked members for their ongoing support of Cognosco and making their Dairy available to participate in research.

Date Added: Thursday, 1st November 2018