Restricted Veterinary Medicines

Anexa FVC has undertaken a lot of work this year to future-proof our management of Restricted Veterinary Medicines (RVMs). Some of you might have already seen and participated in the new electronic RVM consult that we have started to introduce this year, including the indication-based drug ledger that doubles as an on-farm script. We aim to have all our farms in this electronic system in the next 12 months; it is a quick and simple system that ticks all the boxes, required by law, on RVM management (under the current rules).

As a heads-up, the world is changing fast when it comes to antibiotic management and this means that New Zealand as a country needs to follow. Anexa FVC’s objective is to introduce the necessary changes in an easy and simple way, with plenty of communication to you. Please keep an eye out for any news from us, Dairy NZ or your supply company, and feel free to contact your Vet clinic for any clarification if something seems unclear. We are here to help.

Date Added: Wednesday, 8th November 2017