Toxoplasmosis vaccination for goats

Toxoplasmosis vaccination for goats
Book in September for a visit in November

- One of the major infectious causes of abortion in goats
o Early pregnancy – early embryonic death; no abortion or visible signs
o Mid-pregnancy – foetal death and abortion; dead kids may be found on the ground
o Late pregnancy – stillborn kids or weak kids that fail to thrive
- Easily preventable with a one-off vaccination
- All breeding females should receive 1 vaccination in their life time, preferably before their first mating
- Toxoplasmisis is spread by oocysts from (feral) cats
- From a country-wide study on sheep properties, 100% of all properties have exposure to Toxoplasmosis gondii

Booking your vaccinations through us is the most economical option for you, because:
- You pay only for the exact number of doses you need, instead of full packs
- Vaccination-runs reduce mileage fees for you
- High level of vaccine care ensures vaccine efficacy
- Vaccination technique we use prevents spreading CAE among animals.

Why should you book this far in advance?
- The vaccine needs to be administered at least 6 weeks prior to mating
- The product needs to be ordered 4-8 weeks in advance
- The product has a very short shelf life; we need to book all vaccinations in as short a period as possible

Book now – visit end of November.

When booking: give the most accurate number of animals to be vaccinated and give address of location of animals.

Date Added: Monday, 5th October 2015