Upper Cow Road Show - Did you miss out?

Upper Cow Road Show - Did you miss out?
It has been a tough year. In anticipation of the coming spring and in support of our dairy farmers, Anexa FVC (along with Boehringer Ingelheim, MPI and Glenmark Veterinary Limited) sponsored a free meal and seminar on down cow management. The seminars, in Ngatea and Morrinsville, were raging successes, with a total of over 280 farmers attending the events.

Down cows can be frustrating and depressing when, despite your hard work, they never get up. The key speaker, Phil Poulton, is an international expert on how to increase the likelihood that you will be successful in getting your down cow up. His easy-to-follow talk highlighted the importance of nursing care in a well-thought out (but not necessarily expensive) nursing area.

75% of down cows die or are euthanized because of complications of being down (muscle and nerve damage). Only 25% actually die or are euthanized for the original problem that caused them to go down.

These facts supplied the foundation for the great tips and pearls of wisdom that Phil imparted during his talk. Now is the time to make plans for ‘down cow care’ on your farm, as the nursing care of these cows may otherwise get compromised during a busy calving season. It sounds like common sense, but does require a bit of preparation: a thick soft place to lay, shelter over her head, and regular turning or lifting as required.

For more details on Phil’s talk and down cow nursing, please contact your local Anexa FVC veterinarian.

For the demonstration videos Phil referred to visit http://www.dairyaustralia.com.au/Animal-management/Animal-welfare/Cows/Managing-downer-cows.aspx

Date Added: Friday, 13th May 2016