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Dairy Talk February 2019

- Lots of grass doesn’t mean your cows are necessarily fatter this year
- Heat Stress
- What will this FE season be like?
- Scanning Update
- Book your Milk Quality Consult Early!
- Heifer Teatsealing / Herd Dry Cow Registration

Dairy Talk June 2018

- Mycoplasma bovis – latest advice
- Farmacy – a tool for the times
- Getting the best from the liquid gold
- Calf rearing facilities – a few small changes can make a huge difference
- Are anionic salts an option for your transition cows?

Dairy Talk May 2018

- It’s trace element testing time
- Colostrum & calf immunity – why is it such a race against the clock?
- Colostrum vaccines
- We will grow with you
- Track tinkering
- Upcoming events

Dairy Talk April 2018

- New look script; New helpful online tool
- Getting cow condition right for spring calvers
- Dairy Antibiogram
- Depopulation of Mycoplasma bovis infected dairy herds
- Keep an eye on your herd's Zinc and Copper trace element levels
- Have you got CLOWNs in your herd?

Dairy Talk March 2018

- Phew scanning is over, but my results are not what I expected!
- 5 Benefits of hitting Body Condition Targets
- Common Zinc problems
- Biosecurity Tips
- Milk Quality Consults
- Take some simple measures, take action!
- Caring for young stock
- Correction
- GoodYarn

Dairy Talk February 2018

- Facial Eczema Alert
- Test your Facial Eczema knowledge
- Milking liners – among the many choices there are some simple rules
- Scanning Update
- DON’T PROCRASTINATE Start looking and measuring now (January/February)
- Why does a vet need to come and see every Woody Tongue case?
- Have you got a plan?
- Health and Safety at Heifer Teat Seal Time

Dairy Talk Summer 2017 - 18

- The Hidden costs of Facial Eczema - Can you afford to take the risk?
- Maximise the usefulness of your milk quality information
- It’s NCEA exam time as I write this so hence the theme!
- The Proof is in the Scanning
- Another Tough Spring – what’s your herd body condition looking like?
- Autumn Calving Herds
- Young Stock
- T’was the night before Christmas

Dairy Talk November 2017
Dairy Talk November 2017

- Teats do not lie
- 5 Ways to maximise in-calf rates in your lame cows
- Rearing great calves; an investment in the future of your herd

Dairy Talk October 2017

- A fresh look at the benefits of lowering BMSCC
- Who is John Penry?
- 3 Aspects to Improving Bull Management
- Tips for managing your young stock this spring
- “I’m putting one less cow up a day during AB, but that’s okay isn’t it?”
- How are your cow’s hooves looking?
- Do your calves or yearlings have lice?
- Why is Farmacy.co.nz a website and not an app?

Dairy Talk September 2017

- How tight is your calving pattern?
- Have your cows had their pre-mating “Warrant of Fitness”?
- Maximising Bull Fertility and Reproduction
- Farmacy.co.nz is gaining momentum
- Looking after your young stock
- Turning those winter-damaged paddocks into a positive
- Focus on the path to optimal calf weaning
- Calf BVD Ear-Notching Update
- Waikato dairy researcher claims prestigious award.
- How did your colostrum quality stack up?
- Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dairy Talk August 2017

- Mycoplasma bovis detected in NZ
- What impact is this extremely wet weather having on your farm?
- What’s new with dirty cows?
- Bull Power – It Comes Down to Simple Maths
- Having mastitis issues?
- Grading or not happy with your bulk tank somatic cell count?
- Theileria is here to stay
- Internal teat sealant
- Get your calves on track to reach their potential
- Keep your calves warm this winter
- Leptospirosis

Dairy Talk July 2017

- Looking after colostrum cows
- Colostrum and good husbandry go hand in hand
- Why ear-notch your calves for BVD
- So what is farmacy.co.nz and how could it make your life easier?

Dairy Talk June 2017

- Anexa FVC is working for you
- Anexa FVC Reproductive and Milk Quality Performance Awards
- Farmacy.co.nz - an online store and electronic dairy diary for our members.
- Rotavirus Vaccination Prevention is better than cure when it comes
- Not a member yet?
- Feeding calves- what to feed, when to feed it and when to wean
- BVD Control is all about the PIs
- Low calcium is often the beginning of a much bigger problem

Dairy Talk May 2017

- Extensive waterlogging and flooding on farm - animal health focus
- Farmer Workshops 2017
- Trace Element Testing – the Time is now!
- Do you know what’s happening with your calves?
- Vaccination - a convenient (and often cheap!) insurance policy
- BVD – How was your end of season result?
- Hoof Trimming Benefits
- What’s happened to Theileria?

Dairy Talk April 2017

-Making Dry off Count
-Gold Standard Dry Off Procedure
-Stay On Top of Mastitis with This Exciting New Test
-New LIC test for Staph aureus
-Nitrate Poisoning
-Cost of lameness
-Is your vaccine program working?
-Zinc Supplementation can be hit and miss – how to get yours to hit the mark
-Trace Elements and Copper
-5 Reasons to Vaccinate Against Salmonella
-Herd Condition – Stay on track for Spring
-Onsite Lab testing now available

Dairy Talk March 2017

- How much Zinc is your herd really getting?
- Scanning update
- Milk Quality Consultations
- Controlling mastitis in late lactation
- Why should I drench my young stock?
- Leptospirosis infection - are you at risk?
- It’s not too early to start thinking about drying off your lighter cows

Dairy Talk February 2017

- Milk Quality Consults
- Scanning update
- Zinc levels are often low despite Zinc supplementation plans
- Preventing Facial Eczema - The Big 5
- 10 reasons to weigh your young stock
- Plan around cow body condition this Autumn

Dairy Talk Dec 2016 | Jan 2017

- How well are you protecting your cows from facial eczema?
- 5 Reasons Milk Cultures Will Benefit You
- Tough Spring – what’s your herd body condition looking like?
- Cow flow
- The Proof is in the Scanning
- Reduce the risk of having ill-thrifty calves

Dairy Talk November 2016

- 6 reasons to consider early scanning
- How to produce great calves
- Lepto vaccinations – calves
- Lameness during mating
- Why you should take pre-treatment milk samples
- Message from the board

Dairy Talk October 2016

-Drum roll please... Announcing the 2015-2016 Anexa FVC Top Reproduction Performance Winners
-“I’m putting one less cow up a day during AB, but that’s okay isn’t it?”
-Important points for managing your young stock over the next few weeks
-Improving Bull Performance
-Struggling with High Bulk Tank Somatic Cell Counts?
-Got 2 minutes? To hear your thoughts about lameness
-Lameness Workshop, REVAMPED! - 26th October

Dairy Talk September 2016

- Avoid Letting Your Calving Pattern Slide
- Maximising Bull Fertility and Reproduction
- Making Sure the Girls are ready for Mating
- It’s almost mating time for animals born in 2015 - what can you do to maximise their reproductive performance?
- Mastitis News
- Flora, fauna, farmers – factors

Dairy Talk August 2016

- Managing condition of late calvers
- Take control of your herd’s reproductive performance
- Metrichecking increases your cheque
- Bull Power – It Comes Down To Simple Maths
- Mastitis Help & Advice
- 9 ways to prevent human infection of Lepto
- Calf Vaccinations
- Rear Great Calves to Make a Great Start

Dairy Talk July 2016

- Cow health recording
- What’s new for calf rearing in 2016?
- Calf Milk Replacer (CMR)

Dairy Talk June 2016

- Upper Cow Road Show – Did you miss out?
- Rotavirus Vaccination
- Liver biopsies to check your copper levels – Why?
- Prepare your calf pens
- Farmer work shops
- Preparation now could increase your down cows’s chance of survival
- Managing the cow over the calving period

DairyTalk May

- Season round up
- 5 reasons to attend Anexa FVC ’s calf rearing training day in June
- Copper Supplementation. Are you sure?
- Lepto - The facts
- Feeding cows in the dry period for BCS gain.
- How are your heifers REALLY performing?
- Reducing lameness through farm maintenance
- Facial eczema season must be coming to an end, surely!

DairyTalk April 2016

- Upper Cow Roadshow
- Facial eczema – where are we now?
- The tick disease is here to stay
- Keep an eye on your herd's Zinc and - - Copper trace element levels
- Making dry off count
- 10 reasons to weigh your young stock

DairyTalk March 2016

-Milk Quality Consultation
-Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) Antibody Testing
-Copper supplementation during Zinc Season
-It’s not too early to start thinking about drying off your lighter cows
-Controlling mastitis in late lactation
-Facial eczema

Dairy Talk February 2016

- Timely use of an effective FE preventative strategy is key
- Dealing with mid-late lactation mastitis or high bulk somatic cell counts
- Feeling the heat? So are your cows.
- Don’t let BVD get you!
- Milk Quality Consults
- Scanning Update
- Rye Grass Staggers (RGS)

Dairy Talk December / January 2015/16
Dairy Talk December / January 2015/16

- Antibiotic Resistance
      – Why the Fuss?
- High Somatic Cell Count Cows
      – Make the Right Call
- Facial eczema
- Body condition score
- Fit 4 Farming National Cycle Tour- Coming to A Rural Road Near You
- Seasonal Reminders
- Farewell to Ross Harris
- Farewell to Jude Tisdall
- Promotions

Dairy Talk November Newsletter

- So how is your mating going?
- Bovine Digital Dermatitis (BDD)
- Early scan – when and why would you bother?
- Behind the scenes – Scanning with Geoff Plant
- Interpreting Bulk Milk BVD results

Dairy Talk Oct 2015
Dairy Talk Oct 2015

This month’s newsletter contains
- Treating clinical mastitis in mid to late lactation.
- Monitoring Submission Rates
- Leptospirosis update
- Monitoring young stock’s performance makes a huge difference to their progress.
- Reduce losses associated with poor milk quality
- Lameness training workshop

Dairy Talk Sept 2015
Dairy Talk Sept 2015

· Avoid letting your calving pattern slide
· BVD - Common, costly and controllable.
· Pre-mating trace elements
· Mastitis Reminders
· Young Stock – Weaning,Vaccinating and Worming
· Lameness workshop

August 2015
August 2015

- Managing condition of late calvers
- Mastitis Advice & Help
- Theileria Cases Around Again
- Bull Power
- Better Fertility
- Latest Vaccination Recommendations
- Rear Great Calves to Make a Great Start

July 2015
July 2015

Latest mastitis research
Ketosis – symptoms, diagnosis and management
Magnesium and Calcium supplementation
Calf scours: Prevention is much easier (and cheaper!) than cure

June 2015
June 2015

Introducing Anexa FVC
An app that predicts the chance of mastitis cure, developed by leading NZ research veterinarian
The Importance of the Transition Period
Rotavirus vaccinations are now due
Preparing calf pens and promoting a hygienic calf rearing environment
Remember your heifers
Weirburn Farm shares their success story with Anexa clients
Upcoming events
Hoof trimming &Technician services

May 2015
May 2015

Planning for next season
Preparing for calving
End of season grading
Once a day milking in the lead up to dry off
Rotavec™ vaccination
Weirburn Update
Upcoming Events:
Animal Welfare Seminars
Calf Rearing Workshop
Herd Owners Seminar
Spring Farm Staff Training

April 2015
April 2015

Managing late lactation mastitis
CASE STUDY: Treating a Theileria cow with a blood transfusion
Is it economic to teat seal heifers at a low payout?
Body Condition Scoring and Managing Body Condition in Late Lactation
Trace Element Levels are Dynamic

March 2015
March 2015

Copper supplementation during the zinc season
Repro results are in.So how did it go?
Lepto vaccination reminder
Disease alert - ryegrass staggers
White line disease causing lameness
Milk Quality Consultation
Study on facial eczema in dairy cows

February 2015
February 2015

Prevent Facial Eczema
Young Stock Meeting Growth Targets?
Milk Quality Consults
Pregnancy Test Targets
Weirburn Farm Case Study
Maintain Body Condition Pre-Calving
Vet Profile: Katrina Roberts
AnexaPets: Keeping your pets cool in the Summer heat

Dec 2014 /Jan15
Dec 2014 /Jan15

Johne's Disease in NZ dairy herds
Facial Eczema
Christmas Holidays - what can you do to make sure everything runs smoothly
Develop a Young Stock Plan for your replacement stock
Weirburn Farms update
Body Condition Scoring in mid lacatation