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Our Lifestyle farmer monthly update is now sent out via email only. We encourage you to sign up here or check out our lifestyle farmer vet advice articles here . For specific informations or advice, please visit your local Anexa FVC Vet clinic or give us a call 0800 284 3838, we're here to help.

Portable Document Format (PDF)
Yearly Sheep & Cattle Stock Planner
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Tips for a successful calf club day
Looking after your calf
Looking after your lamb / kid
Keeping a calf club diary
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Managing Lice
Pink Eye
Stock Facilities And Vet Visits
Barber’s Pole Worm (Haemonchus contortus)
Autumn Vaccinations
Sheep And Goat Footcare
Heavy Worm Burdens
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Worms - Start Treatment Soon Before The Worms Take Their Toll!
Facial Eczema Prevention And Treatment
Summer Management
Basic Chicken Husbandry
How Do I Know My Sheep Are Flyblown?
Feeling The Heat!
No Vaccination: No Vacancy!
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Spring 2014 (272kb)
What Vaccinations Are Needed?
Blowfly Management starts November
Internal Parasites and Drenching
Spring Health Calendar
Feed Budgeting
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Winter 2014 (419kb)
Winter Preparation
Vaccination One Month before Due Date
Feed Rationing for Winter
Trace Elements
Caring for Pregnant Sheep and Goats
In-Calf Cows
Horses and Ponies
Selecting Calves, Lambs and Kids for Hand-Rearing
Keeping Your Family Safe from Zoonoses
Saving Money on Vet Visits - You Need Good Facilities (Yards)
Poisonous Plants for Animals
Rat Bait Poisoning in Dogs
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Autumn 2014 (265kb)
Feed Budgeting
Roadside Goats Need As Much Care As Other Animals
Horse Parasite Management on Small Blocks
How Do I Know My Sheep Are Flyblown?
Managing Lice
Facial Eczema
Pink Eye