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- Keeping your pets safe over the holiday season
- Five things to organise before the festive season
- Does your cat get stressed when they visit the Vet?
- Your pet can get sun burnt too!
- What will you put under the tree?
- Does your pooch need entertaining?
- Holiday Hiccups
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- Did you know your dog or cat can suffer from seasonal allergies just as you do?
- 4 Signs your pet may have a seasonal allergy
- How do I chose which flea product to use? There’s just so many!
- Will my itchy pet be alright if I just leave it?
- Four reasons to clip your pets nails
- Did you know the skin is the largest organ in the body?
- Every dog has a tail to tell
- Which Shampoo is best?
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- How healthy is your pet’s mouth?
- Dental disease
- 5 ways to keep your pet’s mouth healthy
- Community focus
- As if bad breath isn’t bad enough
- Sparky’s dental
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- Signs of arthritis
- 5 Winter Vet tips
- PetKit Fit Review
- Cats can live to a ripe old age
- Rabbit Calicivirus
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- Your pets’ nutrition is so important to their overall health
- 5 quick tips to help your overweight pet
- Keeping your pet hydrated
- The right fuel for performance
- How you feed your pet is just as important as what you feed your pet
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Colour the picture and bring it into your local Anexa FVC clinic by the 15th December and be into win a fun pack for you and your pet.
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Keeping your pets safe over the silly season
4 gifts for the pet lover that has everything
5 things to organise before the festive season
Holiday Hiccups
Suzie Jones and her bladder stones
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Pets suffer from seasonal allergies just as you do
4 Signs that your pet may have a seasonal allergy
Break the flea cycle
Four reasons to clip your pets nails
Pet hair everywhere?
Essential steps for bathing your dog
Behind the scenes: Grooming
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Dental Disease in Pets
4 ways to make ‘em sparkle
How’s your pets smile
Top Tips for keeping your pet’s mouth healthy
Miracles do happen!
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Winter 2016 (683kb)
Arthritis in your pet
Fleas can still be a problem in winter
5 Winter Wellness Tips
Do you look in your pets mouth?
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Autumn 2016 (769kb)
Are your duck dogs ready?
From our Huntly Clinic...
Is Ant-Bait Toxic to Your Pet?
Flea Treatment all up to date and your dog is STILL itchy?
Are your dogs ears worrying them?
Chocolate Free Easter for Dogs

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Summer 2015 (829kb)
Microchipping - peace of mind if your cat goes missing.
Q-Card is now available
Chocolate Toxicity
Hot dogs? Not cool!
Vaccination reminder
Weight Management – fighting obesity
Farewell Ross and Jude
Vet Nurse of the year 2015!!
Christmas Clinic Hours
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Spring 2015 (586kb)
Flea Control
Not all foods are created equal
Feline House Soiling
Providing a second chance for cats and dogs
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Is your cat lazy?
Feline Aids
Microchipping is for cats too
Avoid Smelly Breath in Dogs
Rat Bait Toxicity
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Morrinsville Dog Walk
Pet Supplies Online Shopping
Overheating - Never Leave Pets in Hot Vehicles
Christmas Hours
Beat The Dreaded Flea
Lucky Burt!
Puppy Preschool - Morrinsville
Vaccination Reminder
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Spring 2014 (366kb)
BEHAVIOUR How much do you know about your cat’s behaviour?
FELINE AIDS Potentially a fatal viral disease
BEST FRIENDS Is your best friend fi nding it hard to move
DESEXING Desexing puppies and kittens at 5 months of age
VACCINATIONS Why yearly is so important
WEIGHT LOSS Too much weight can cause lameness
FLEAS Win the flea control battle