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Monthly Muster June 2018

- Monthly Muster June 2018
- Copper
- Liver Fluke
- Pre-lamb Drenching
- Vaccines for Colostral Immunity
- Lice in cattle - who cares?
- Nitrate Poisoning
- June Animal Health Checklist
- Mycoplasma bovis – latest advice
- Winter-time warm & fuzzies

Monthly Muster May 2018

- Young Stock Weight Monitoring
- Cancer Eye in Cattle
- Sheep Body Condition Scoring
- NAIT - National Animal Identification and Tracing scheme
- Practical prevention - Wrap up from our biosecurity discussion
- May Animal Health Checklist
- Case study - Parvovirus

Monthly Muster April 2018

-Tetanus Case
-Are your pregnancy rates not what you expect?
-The Case of the Poor-Doing Steers
-Mineral supplementation in young stock
-April Animal Health Checklist
-Be Gone Plastic Bags!

Monthly Muster March 2018
Monthly Muster March 2018

- Ryegrass staggers
- Enzootic (Viral) Pneumonia- a case study
- What is leptospirosis?
- Faecal Egg Count Reduction Tests (FECRT)
- Working Dog Twisted Gut
- March Animal Health Checklist
- Ticks, ticks and more ticks

Monthly Muster February 2018

- Facial Eczema Control
- Barbers pole worm - Why should it be treated differently?
- BVD - is it really worth eradicating?
- What is Mycoplasma?
- Case Study - Partially Blind Beef Bulls
- February Animal Health Checklist
- Why do we recommend a working dog formulated diet?

Monthly Muster December 2017 - January 2018

- Diseases affecting Young stock recently moved to grazing units
- Summer 2017/18 Vet tips
- Clostridial diseases
- Blackleg

Monthly Muster November 2017
Monthly Muster November 2017

- Vasectomies in Rams
- Change at Anexa Raglan
- November Vet tips
- Abortion in Sheep

Monthly Muster October 2017

- Nitrate Poisoning in cattle
- October Vet tips
- Gluteal injections
- Calf scours due to Salmonella

Monthly Muster September 2017

- Coccidiosis in Calves
- September Vet tips
- Sheep Measles Tips
- Rearing Orphan Lambs

Monthly Muster August 2017

- Reviving Newborn Lambs
- August Vet tips
- Yersiniosis
- Raglan Ceilidh
- Sheep and Beef Discussion Group July 2017

Monthly Muster July 2017

- Body Condition Scoring in sheep (BCS)
- FEC Monitoring Service Case Study
- July Vet tips
- Fuel for Performance - Working Dog Nutrition

Monthly Muster June 2017

- Prelamb Drenching
- Ewe ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
- Copper
- June Vet tips
- FEC Monitoring Service Case Study
- Peruvian farming industry visit

Monthly Muster May 2017

- Management of multiple bearing ewes in pregnancy
- May Vet tips
- Liver Fluke

Monthly Muster April 2017

- Fly Strike Control
- April Vet tips
- Drench Checking

Monthly Muster March 2017
Monthly Muster March 2017

- Drench Resistance
- March Vet tips
- Common Pitfalls in Management Programmes for Facial Eczema (FE)

Monthly Muster February 2017

- Minimising the effects of worms in growing calves and lambs by reducing pasture larval challenge
- Fecal Egg Count Monitoring Program
- February Vet tips
- Dosing with Zinc for Facial Eczema through Feed or Water

Monthly Muster December / January

-Quarantine Drenching
-December / January Vet tips
-Sheep Measles in Dogs
-Mammary Tumours

Monthly Muster November 2016

-Facial Eczema Update
-November Vet Tips
-Important changes in legislation regarding RVMs

Monthly Muster October 2016

- Effect of shearing on lamb growth and carcass performance
- October Vet tips
- Johnes Disease in cattle & sheep

Monthly Muster September 2016

- Rearing Orphan Lambs
- September Vet tips
- BVD - Common, Costly and Controllable

MonthlyMuster August 2016

- Lambing Time
- August Vet tips
- Effects of worms and how they limit production

Monthly Muster July 2016

- Reviving newborn lambs
- Common Causes Of Cattle Abortion In New Zealand
- July Vet tips
- Are you ready for calving and lambing?

Monthly Muster June 2016

- Copper Supplementation after Facial
- Eczema Season
- Tips for managing triplet baring ewes
- June Vet tips
- Store PAR information carefully

Monthly Muster May 2016

- Is Liver fluke affecting your stock?
- Anexa’s Sheep & Beef Discussion Group Invite
- May Vet Tips
- 10 reasons to weigh young stock
- Knockout Drenching

Monthly Muster April 2016

- Land and Environment Planning LEP
- Vet Tips for April 2016

MonthlyMuster March 2016

-Facial eczema Sampling
-March Animal Health Calendar

Anexa Monthly Muster February 2016

- Pinkeye In Cattle
- Vasectomies in Rams
- Animal Health Diary February 2016
- Drenches and Drench Resistance

Monthly Muster Dec/Jan 2015/16
Monthly Muster Dec/Jan 2015/16

- Wormwise Principles
- Interested in getting your statement and newsletter via email?
- Animal Health Calendar
- Healthy Rivers Legislation
- Promotions
- Christmas hours

Monthly Muster November

- Board Election Results
- Faecal Egg Counts
- Animal Health Diary November 2015
- Providing Shelter – Maintaining Productivity And Welfare On Sheep & Beef Farms
- Case Study

Monthly Muster October 2015

This months newsletter contains the following articles:
Growing Forage for beef and sheep
Fuel for Performance - Working Dog Nutrition
October Animal Health Diary

Monthly Muster September 2015

- Feeding Fodder Beet in
NZ Beef and Sheep systems
- Early Weaned Calves and Fodder Beet
- Practical feeding and transition advice

August 2015
August 2015

- Getting Ready for Calving
and Lambing
- Beef & Sheep Discussion Group
- Uses of Tonic plantain in Beef
& Sheep systems

July 2015
July 2015

Body Condition Scoring
(BCS) in Sheep
Effective use of genetics in ewe flocks
Working dog fitness & condition

June 2015
June 2015

Anexa Sheep & Beef Discussion Group.
Introducing Anexa FVC
Ryegrass and Paspalum staggers
Animal Health Calendar June 2015
Feeding Ewes in Pregnancy

May 2015
May 2015

It Pays To Belong
May Animal Health Calendar 2015
Market drivers and structural trends in the New Zealand sheep and beef sector
What’s new in sheep and beef research
Ridding NZ of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS)

February 2015
February 2015

Facial Eczema Grass Sampling
Animal Health Diary FEBRUARY 2015
- Sheep
- Dairy Grazers
- Breeding Cattle
BVD ? Bovine Viral Diarrhoea: Is it limiting your profit?