About Anexa FVC Ngatea:

Anexa FVC Ngatea veterinary clinic is a mixed animal clinic. We provide professional animal healthcare for both companion animals and production animal species. Whether you have a sick pet or animal or just want some information, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are there to help.
Being a mixed animal clinic we carry a huge range of products related to both large and small animal clients. Whether it's a worm treatment for a beloved companion animal or a 200 litre drum of Molasses we either have it on hand or we will have it in store for you within 24 hours. In our retail area you'll find a broad range of premium petfoods, toys and other animal care products for both large and small animals.

Jenetta Forsyth

Veterinarian, InCalf Advisor

Jenetta is a Veterinarian based at our Anexa FVC Ngatea clinic and living at Thames. Jenetta is from Hamilton originally where she studied a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Waikato University. She then moved on to Palmerston North to Study Veterinary Science. After five years of study she was happy to move a little further north and into the warmth! Jenetta has found herself perfectly in the middle of her family and friends in the Waikato and the family bach in Wyuna Bay, Coromandel. In her spare time Jenetta enjoys fishing, netball and doing anything beachy in the summer. Jenetta enjoys working as part of our friendly team and getting out there, getting stuck in, and getting things done.