Five Reasons to de-flea your Dog or cat

Five Reasons to de-flea your Dog or cat
Five Reasons to de-flea your Dog or cat
1. Fleas make your pet itch! And itching can lead to skin trauma, rashes and even infected wounds.

2. Fleas also bite humans.

3. “Flea allergy dermatitis” is caused by an allergic reaction to flea saliva. Even one flea can result in a severe reaction which can cause your put to scratch and self-traumatise.

4. A high burden of fleas in young or frail animals can result in Anaemia with blood loss and even death.

5. Only 5% of the fleas in your pet’s environment can be found on them. 95% of the problem (eggs, larvae and pupae) are living in your home in places like carpets, bedding, furniture and the garden.

How often do I need to de-flea my animal?
Most treatments last a month but there are a few that last three months and a collar that lasts eight months. Please ask your Anexa Vet about which product is best for you and your pets.
Do I need to do it all year round?
During the autumn and winter, flea numbers drop as the cold weather lessens the amount of fleas hatching. However, there are still fleas inside the (warm!) house and in the environment. We recommend de-fleaing all year round and, if your pet is allergic to fleas, this is absolutely essential.

Do I need to do all my animals?
Cats and dogs do share fleas so yes, doing all animals in the household at the same time is recommended.

Date Added: Sunday, 1st October 2017