Keeping your pet hydrated

Keeping your pet hydrated
Water is required in the body for basic organ function
Water intake for cats and dogs: approximately 60-70ml of water per kilo of body weight daily (average 4.5kg cat = about 300ml, and 25kg dog about 1.6L).


- Remember cats will source water from other places than bowls (puddles, bird baths, streams etc) so you may think your cat is drinking less than it actually is.
- Cats don’t like to drink from water located close to their food, in the ‘wild’ this is contaminated as their food source is right next to it – put a water bowl somewhere else in the house to encourage drinking. Cats prefer running water over still water .


- Dogs will generally drink from one main water source.
- Ceramic bowls help to keep water cooler in the summer than steel/metallic/plastic bowls
- Freezing bowls of water and putting them out in the morning is a good idea for summer to help keep pets (can also freeze treats into water bowls/cubes for summer fun)
- Replenish water bowls every day with fresh water after cleaning the bowl
- Make sure you only walk / run your dog in the cooler times of the day to avoid dehydration

Date Added: Saturday, 1st December 2018