Your pet can get sun burnt too!

Your pet can get sun burnt too!
The sun in New Zealand is particularly harsh, which can be problematic for lighter coloured animals. Over summer ensure your pet has access to a cool, shady area, out of direct sunlight. If your pet has a thin coat and is affected by the sun or has pink/white areas on their body, you may like to consider using a pet sunblock powder. Areas on your pet that may be prone to sun burn are the muzzle/nose, ears, and abdomen.

Why a powder?

  • A powder is much easier to use on your pet compared to a cream. The powder is dabbed on using the applicator (similar to powder foundation)
  • Powder formation means less irritating to pets, reducing chance of pet rubbing or licking off
  • Light, dry powder vs. wet, thick cream. Pets often barely notice it’s on them.
  • Stays on for at least 24 hours or longer if your pet doesn’t go swimming
  • Blocks all UVA and UVB rays
  • Creates a smooth, film like coating when applied
  • Does not have a sticky finish, so does not attract dust and dirt
  • Very economic – a small amount of powder goes a long way
  • An all-natural, non irritant formula

    Date Added: Tuesday, 12th December 2017