Do you have dairy calves arriving to graze?

Do you have dairy calves arriving to graze?
Ensure everyone concerned knows who is responsible for what and if these commitments have been fulfilled. Remember we have ‘Dairy Heifer Calves Arrival Checksheets’ available at clinics (or a downloadable pdf at the end of this article) so you can send these to the youngstock owners to fill in and send with the calves. Moving farms is a very stressful time for young calves especially if they have also recently been dehorned and weaned. A high level of care is required in the early days to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid losses. We have seen a lot of cases of scours this spring, many severe and many different bugs involved.
If you have a scouring calf or calves that does not respond rapidly to treatment, then it is vital to find out the cause. We need a fecal sample from a calf that has had no antibiotic treatment. We will get the results within 24 hours. There is specific treatment for different causes so finding the bug involved quickly can save a lot of time, money and stress. It is also important to note that not all electrolytes are the same and some are much higher in energy and some have bicarbonate to correct the acidosis. Correcting the acidosis is vital to treatment when calves are sick. If you are in doubt about how good your electrolytes are at treating sick calves, get in touch with your vet.

Click here for a pdf of the Dairy Heifer Calves Arrival Checklist

Date Added: Friday, 9th October 2015