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The following fact sheets have been prepared by Anexa FVC Veterinarians as a guide to topics of interest. For specific information please contact your local vet.

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Case Study - Partially Blind Beef Bulls

Case Study - Partially Blind Beef Bulls
Case Study - Partially Blind Beef Bulls
Case Study - Partially Blind Beef Bulls
By Lucy Scott, Veterinarian, Anexa Raglan

I recently went to give a travel certificate for some partially blind 2-year old bulls and this raised some questions about whether blind animals can be transported. These animals had chronic, clouded eyes, without lesions but they were able to move around well and were well grown.

Travel certificates accompany the animal during transport and cover fitness for transport but don’t relate directly to suitability for human consumption. We can specify conditions such as being the first animal on/off, being on a lower deck of the truck, being alone in a pen or with less animals or with herd mates. In the case of these bulls I specified also that stockmen must be slow to move them on and off the truck as pressure caused them to bump into things and when given time this was not an issue.

In this case I found that fully blind animals cannot be transported, even with a transport certificate. There is an app that MPI have recently released that is very useful for Vets and Farmers to clarify whether your cattle, deer or sheep can be transported. To download the app, head to iTunes or Google Play and search 'FIT For transport.'

Date Added: Thursday, 1st February 2018