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Animal Health & Production Advisory Services


Our Vet Advisory Services team can help you to achieve your performance and production goals. They are specialist in their fields and by working alongside you and your lead vet, can deliver solutions to achieve your farming goals.
We understand that productivity relies not only on the performance of individual cows, but on the herd as a whole. Minimising herd level incidence of disease and monitoring performance are important to your sustainability as a dairy farmer.
We are able to provide a tailored service to suit you and your farm. Whether it be improving or achieving consistency in your herd’s performance (reproduction, mastitis and whole farm systems), risk management or refining your farm management strategy, we have the expertise.

Vet advisory service areas include:

Let us help you improve your 6 week in calf rate and reduce empty rate. Advisors are trained in the inCalf program.

Milk Quality
Let us help you improve milk quality, whether reduced clinical mastitis or reduce bulk somatic cell count. Advisor utilise Smart SAMM and Healthy Udder tools and are Fonterra Accredited Mastitis advisors.

Have fewer lame cows and improve hoof condition. Advisors are trained in the Healthy Hoof program.

Farm Systems
Improve resilience of your farm business. Advisors are part of the Intelact group and use feed budgeting tools (UDDER) and financial analyses tools (Red Sky) to help farmers become more productive, profitable and environmentally sustainable.

Condition Score
We will monitor herd condition over time. This information can be used in key herd management decisions. Advisors are DairyNZ BCS accredited.

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For further information please contact your local Anexa Vet Clinic on 0800 284 3838

Matt Peters

Veterinarian; InCalf Advisor, Certified Body Condition Score Assessor

Matt has 12 years’ experience working as a mixed animal Vet and has a strong interest in dairy herd health. Matt is a qualified InCalf consultant, has completed the DairyNZ Body Condition Score Assessor programme and has special interests in cattle reproduction, BVD, Johnes disease and anything that involves surgery. Since graduating in 2006, Matt has worked as a mixed animal Vet at the Bay of Islands Veterinary Services practice and in England for the Garden Veterinary Group. He has been with Anexa FVC for nearly five years now as a production animal Vet. These roles have given Matt a wide range of experiences. Outside of work, four kids keep him fairly busy but occasionally finds time for mountain biking and competing in the Ocean Swim Series.